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Goals and Motivation for the Doctoral Consortium

The European Conference on Information Systems incorporates a Doctoral Consortium for PhD students studying information systems or related topics. Information systems is defined here in the following terms:

Information and knowledge are critical resources that have come to be recognized as complements to labour and capital resources in the modern business organization. Information systems are artefacts (the combinations of technology, data and people) that produce the information resource for the use of individuals, organizations and society.

Students with relevant doctoral research are invited to participate from all parts of the Association of Information Systems ( Region 2 (Europe, Africa, Middle-East). Because of the location of the conference special attention will be taken to encourage students from Central and Eastern Europe. The consortium will accommodate a maximum 30 students, and will be mentored by 8 faculty members. Participation is by invitation only (see below).

Students are expected to cover travel costs to the consortium site and expenses during the ECIS. All costs during the consortium are covered by AIS and ECIS and other sponsors.

Organization and Content of the Doctoral Consortium

Information about the location of the Doctoral Consortium will be announced shortly by the local organizers.

The consortium features thorough reviews of the PhD proposals by the participating faculty, general lectures about the future of information systems, IS research as an academic career, review policies, professional aspects of IS career, and status of IS research in different countries. The working language of the consortium is English.

The main focus in the consortium is placed in improving research skills and research proposals for each PhD student. It is also expected that students will review and read other student's proposals during the consortium. Therefore each student is expected to read c.a. 5 other proposals and to prepare comments and questions about these proposals.

Members of Faculty

The following faculty members will participate in Doctoral Consortium:

Submission Procedure

Each school within AIS region 2 is entitled to send one doctoral student to the consortium. Each submission must be backed by the sending school or professor. The submission email must include an official nomination from the department / mentoring professor. Students are expected to have finished their course work (where this applies) and to have prepared a PhD thesis research proposal. Each submission email must include both an official application form, and a written proposal by the applicant, which describes the PhD thesis topic, the thesis proposal and the status of the PhD studies. Therefore each submission must include both an official application letter and a written proposal by the applicant, which describes the PhD thesis topic, the thesis proposal and thestatus of the PhD studies.

The proposal must be written in English and cannot exceed 20 pages (double spaced), or 4000 words. The proposal must include the following parts:

  • abstract, which includes the thesis research summary (1 page maximum)
  • introduction
  • literature review
  • research motivation and goals
  • research method and approach
  • expected results / research contribution and limitations
  • references and possible appendices (such as instruments, descriptions of mock-ups etc).

The proposal should be submitted in electronic form (PDF or RTF formats preferred, but also Word 95, 97 formats are accepted). The proposal should be submitted by the nominating faculty member along with the other application forms to the doctoral consortium chair Dr Nancy Pouloudi by e-mail

Selection will be on a competitive basis. Each proposal will be read by two faculty members and selections will be made based on the reviews and other relevant factors (research topic, country, university). No research approach, topic, or theory is preferred in the selection so long as it pertains to the characterization of information systems. All submissions (including rejected) will receive a review report of the thesis proposal. Students are expected to revise their proposal prior to the doctoral consortium based on the reviews.

Call for Nominations

The European Conference on Information Systems invites nominations for the Doctoral Consortium. Participation is by invitation only, based on one nomination from each university or Ph.D. program. The Consortium provides doctoral students working on their dissertation research with an opportunity to share research ideas and to consider issues related to academic careers in the Information Systems field. The ECIS 2002 meeting in Gdansk, Poland immediately follows the Consortium.


Students in Ph.D. programs in Information Systems who are conducting their dissertation projects are eligible for nomination. The ideal nominee should have completed any required course work and have developed a dissertation proposal. They should have at least six months work remaining (at the time of the Consortium) before they expect to complete.

Please note that:
    • Students cannot apply directly but can only be nominated by their faculty.
    • Nominating schools must have doctoral students in Information Systems.
    • There can only be one nominee per school.

Nomination Requirements

To nominate a student, the Director of the Ph.D. program in Information Systems (or other appropriate person, such as the Department Chairperson or the student's advisor) must provide the following application materials:

  1. A completed Nomination Form together with
  2. A Proposal Paper prepared by the doctoral student summarizing the dissertation research.

These materials should be submitted together as attachments to an email, and must be received no later than midnight, January 25, 2002 (Greenwich meantime). Applications arriving after this date will not be considered. Selection is competitive based on the quality of the dissertation research, the contribution the student may make to the Consortium, and the potential benefit of the Consortium to the student's project. The Consortium will include a balance of students representing diverse research topics, methods, schools, and cultures. Admission is limited to 30 students.
The language for the Consortium is English, and all submitted materials must be in English. Students must have sufficient proficiency in English to participate in the scientific discussions.

If you have substantive questions, please do not hesitate to contact either of the Doctoral Consortium Chairs: Tony Cornford, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
Nancy Pouloudi, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece


Submission January 25, 2002
Notification of acceptance March 4, 2002
Submission of the final proposal May 4, 2002
Sending of the information package May 27, 2002
Doctoral Consortium June 3-5, 2002

Contact people

Doctoral Consortium Chairs
Dr Tony Cornford
Senior Lecturer
Department of Information Systems
London School of Economics and Political Science

Dr Nancy Pouloudi
Assistant Professor
Department of Management Science and Technology
Athens University of Economics and Business

Organizing Chair of DC

Prof. Stanisław Wrycza
Department of Information Systems
University of Gdańsk

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