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TASK Supercomputer Center
TASK - Supercomputer Center and Metropolitan Area Network

The supercomputer systems at the Computer Center form a specific metacomputing system that consists of:
  • SGI Power Challenge XL, 8 MIPS R10000 (TFP) processors, 2 GB RAM, 18 GB disk storage (3.6 GFLOPs). The system has a symmetric SMP multiprocessor architecture with shared memory built around a high-speed (1.2 GB/sec)) system bus (Powerpath-2 Parallel RISC Architecture) and is used as a large-scale computation server.
  • SGI Challenge network server, 4 MIPS R4400 processors, 378 MB RAM, 18 GB disk storage. It is mainly used as a name server, terminal server, e-mail server and an information server.
  • IBM SP-2 scalable 15 nodes system containing 14 thin nodes with Power2 processors (14x64 MB RAM, 14x1 GB disk storage) and 1 wide node with Power2 processor (128 MB RAM, 18 GB disk storage). It is a sharing memory, message-passing system and can be used in a large-scale computation.
  • SUN Enterprise 5000, 8 x 64-bit RISC UltraSPARC processors, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB disk storage, 8 GFLOPs. Its significant feature is a high-speed GigaPlane bus that can process up to seven transmissions simultaneously. The system manages the SPARCstorage Array and serves as a file server.
  • SGI Origin 2000/Onyx 2, 16 MIPS R12000 and 8 MIPS R10000 processors, 16 GB RAM, 80 GB disk storage, 12.8 GFLOPs. Its computing power is exploited in distributed, large-scale computations and simulation. Managed by UniTree software archive system, containing ATL ACL 2640 automated tape library (2.3 TB),
  • EXABYTE EXB-120 automated tape library robot (300 GB), and HP 165 ST magneto-optical disk library (166.4 GB).
TASK - Metropolitan Area Network

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