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Welcome very cordially to the jubillee Xth European Conference on Information Systems in Gdańsk. Unbelievable - ECIS started from the very quiet first conference organized by our colleagues from London School of Economics in 1993 in Henley on Thames, where fewer than fifty research papers were presented. Now, regularly several hundred research and research in progress papers, case studies and panels are accepted for presentation. ECIS meetings have become the most significant event for European IS scholars, attractive also for our colleagues - researchers and practitioners worldwide.

Stanisław Wrycza

ECIS 2002 will take place in Gdańsk, Poland - the millenial city being one of the symbols of transformation and unification of modern Europe - the cradle of Solidarity which inspired people and nations of Central Europe on their way to freedom and democracy. Throughout its over one thousand years of history, Gdańsk has been a meeting place of people from different nations that contributed to the prosperity and wealth, material and intellectual achievements of this, for many years, the biggest Baltic port. Merchant, rich city always supported the development of arts and science, symbolised by the names of Hevelius, Fahrenheit and Schopenhauer. Gdańsk is also known as a city of three Nobel prizewinners - Butenandt (chemistry), Wałęsa (peace) and Grass (literature). The slogan of reasonable and effective Gdańsk citizens "Nec temere, nec timide" (neither too bravely nor too timidly) appeared to be very fruitfull. The visit to Gdańsk will enrich each European, in other words - each European will feel here comfortable, finding things connected with his country or city.

ECIS 2002 will be carried out according to high standards of the event of this type. They were practised before by Department of Information Systems at University of Gdańsk, which initiated in 1988 and continued since then international conferences on Information Systems Development (ISD) in different academic centres worldwide. The Tenth ISD edition will be held this year in London. For ECIS 2002 over one hundred reviewers from almost 50 countries will ensure the high level of submitted papers, case studies and panels. Each paper will be assessed by three reviewers. The intensive promotional action of organizers, carried out in portals, discussion lists, websites as well as in a traditional way, should attract attention of each IS professional worldwide.

Ten tracks are offered for the ECIS 2002 authors of research and research in progress papers, case studies and panels. Each track is moderated by an IS scholar of high authority in IS field. The main focus of the conference, according to the title of Gdańsk ECIS, is concentrated around the notion of digital economy - its theories, models, architectures, technologies, challenges and practices. The related issues of information society, virtual learning, e-work as well as electronic and mobile business are other important tracks of ECIS 2002. However the IS scholars and researches will find also the opportunity to present the results of their studies in more stable, longitudinal themes of IS field like IS research methodology, IS development, databases and data warehousing, knowledge management or ERP integration issues. Each track includes many specific topics.

During ECIS 2002 in Gdańsk, like throughout its millenial history, many Europeans will propose, share, discuss and develop new ideas and concepts again in its modern conference halls, noble streets of the Old City, picturesque and elegant Long Market, along refreshing bank of the Motława River with its numerous beautiful amber jewerly shops. But this time however - signum temporis - they not talk of timber, corn and industrial goods but the current issues of the digital economy and virtual products.

Conference organizers would be very pleased to welcome you to Gdańsk European Conference on Information Systems in June 2002.

Prof. Stanisław Wrycza,

Chairman of ECIS 2002 International Program Committee

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